Bickle racing single temp tire warmer

Bickle racing single temp tire warmer

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Programmable warmers designed to keep the temperature at a constant. Very easy to set the temperature. Temperature can be set from ambient to 99 C. Works on 120 front and 180-190-200 size rears

These warmers allow you to "Tune" the tire for mximum wear and grip. When trying to obtain your best lap time paying attention to the hot tire pressure is a must.

These warmers will help and are very user friendly. These are the warmers used by Bobby Fong and Team Latus in Moto America. In CSBK Kenny Riedmann,Ben Young,Bodi Edie,  all helped us develop these warmers. Michael Leon used this model  to win the Number 1 Plate in Pro Superbike and Elie Daccache in Pro Sport Bike in the RACE Super Series Championship. 

If you are serious about your lap times this is a must have to set hot tire pressures before going out on the track.

  • Dupont Nomex Inner liner 
  • Carbon insulation  for better heat retention
  • Tailored fit with elastic side skirts to ensure good contact of heating elements, easier to install
  • Evenly spaced heating element = Full coverage heating
  • Digital controller and easy to set temperature
  • Silicone insulated  heating element
  • Felted Carbon Insulation
  • Urethane backed ballistic nylon exterior