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  Why do a suspension adjustment  

Easier handling

Improved behavior  

Better stability  

An adjustment help the handling of the motorcycle. it become much easier to ride, it turn better and give you better feeling of what is happening between your legs.

Improve the reaction of your motorcycle on rough surface that will give you more confidence in your machine

A well adjusted suspension help the stability of the motorcycle. Before buying an expensive steering damper, first make sure the issue isn't unproperly adjusted components.

  What an adjustment entails  

Spring preload  

Compression speed  

Rebound speed  

The spring preload adjust the pression applied to the spring when it is extended. It is neccesary to adjust in order for the motorcycle to function in the designed way, depending on the weight of the bike and the rider. Preload does not harden spring.

The compression speed is changed with the adjustment screw. It change the way the bike handle bump and control the diving effect on the brake.

The rebound speed help the front and rear wheel stay in contact with the ground, It also help stabilise the motorcycle. The adjustment is also make with screwd

  Who can benefit from a suspension adjustment  

From begginer to experienced  

Different type of motorcycle

Trackday/race amateur 

No matter you experience level, a suspension adjustment will benefit your pleasure of riding.

Multiple type of motorcycle can be adjusted. Being a super-sport, a sport-touring, an adventure, you can improve you handling with a suspension adjustment.

Whether it is your first trackday or you are a racer, a suspension adjustment will give you better control and confidence over your motorcycle. An adjustment should be done after a modification/refresh of the suspension or once a year.

New or used

Problem discovery 

You just bought a new bike at the dealer? it is adjusted at the factory as a compromise for every type of rider and condition. You will appreciate and adjustment made specialy for you.  

You bough a used bike? Including the improvement an adjustment can make, we can discover problem that you weren't aware of. Your suspension might need repair or a refresh.

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